Katarina D.

Duales Studium Betriebswirtschaftslehre (BWL) Handel im 2. Ausbildungsjahr

unknown country

Dear all, My name is Katarina and I come from a land far far away. There where the mountains shadow the sea and you ski and swim in one day… There was my home. Montenegro.

Looking back, it seems such a long time ago. In reality it has been only two years. Allow me to take you back through the memory lane of a girl named Katya, the journey from the small mountain town to the sunny Karlsruhe.

  • A girl coming back from her prom. Sleeping the rest of the night and getting woken up by a peep of her phone. With ears still blazing from the music, she gets up and checks the devilish device that dared to wake her. Low battery. Typical. She gets it on the charger and goes to wash her teeth. With the toothbrush in her mouth, she comes back to her room to check the time on her phone. A message light blinks. Without the single thought on what is about to happen, she opens the message. And her world is forever changed.

    With the toothbrush hanging in her mouth, she brings the phone downstairs to her mom, without a sound giving it to her. Her mom looks at her confused, not understanding a word of the message written in German. Then realization hits her hard. She may not speak the language but she know what it is. Her girl got it. A flash of emotions go through her. Happiness, sadness, fear, pride, then again fear. Because, you see, what her eldest daughter got, is a scholarship for Germany.

    The next few month flew by in a haze. Preparations, applications, packing, saying goodbye. Only knowing of one person who lives in the city she was supposed to study in, and not even knowing him well, she boarded the plane.

    What next came is one year full of adventures, fails, successes, sadness and happiness. Because you see, she had no idea she was going to Germany. She applied for a scholarship in Electrical Engineering. Studying that is the only way to get a job in her country, when not having contacts in high places. And she did not.

    Engineering was pushing and sweating and laughing and crying all packed together. Few courses on the university drew her because of their focus on presenting, which she loved. They dealt from changing views of automobiles in the society to the picture of women as we now see it. They showed her that her true passion really lays in communication, persuasion, presentation and just working with people.

    After getting a job at the Cooperative State University, she could gather experiences in seeing the other side. She saw that students work and study in the same time. She heard stories, went to the deepest places of internet and finally had the infos she needed. She was a bit late with her realization, it seemed at first.

    Many firms already had someone. But she tried harder and harder. And found the diamond in the rough.

    The sport-obsessed, animal-loving Montenegrin girl finally found her place.

    By MTS Group. More about her next adventures in the following blogs. Until then: Live long and prosper!