Katarina D.

Duales Studium Betriebswirtschaftslehre (BWL) Handel im 2. Ausbildungsjahr

The Magic of Languages

"As you can see from my articles till now, I am writing in both English and German. You may be wondering if I am doing it cause of a certain goal or a purpose. Or maybe not. Let me indulge your imagination now.

  • I am studying in German. I am communicating in German. My job is - yeah, you got it- in German. One can say, that it doesn’t make any sense and just costs time. Because, explaining the same story in two languages sounds a bit peculiar. One would also not be right.

    Both German and English are foreign languages for me. But there are differences between these two. My vocabulary and skills at communicating are more developed in English. English was the first foreign language that I learned. It was a window into this other world, the language of series and movies, which took me to the fascinating realm of first-world countries. A language that opened my views for new experiences and new way of life. My first stories, texts and songs were born in English. English gave me the confidence to communicate openly, to feel smarter and braver.

    German, on the other hand, took me to this amazing world that English showed me. German gave me the chance to make my dream come real.

    Both languages gave me this power to be able to get my point across in every corner of this world.

    Back when I started learning new languages, it felt more as an extra responsibility and less free time to go outside and play. Now there is this opened door, which show me the world. They have this magical power, to bring people together, who are thousand miles from each other. They make you see other stories, other cultures and teach you about your own. The way a certain city says a word, a sentence, can mean so much. It can have a historical reason, be a particular trait, or just have a crazy legend behind it. Words, the bridges that bring people closer. Words means to create heaven and hell.

    If you were to go to the bible to understand why there are so many different languages on this planet, you are to come across a very interesting legend.

    It says that people were all speaking the same language. They were building the tower that was to reach the heaven. God punished them for that in the manner, which they all started speaking in a different way. They couldn’t understand each other anymore. There gigantic tower couldn’t be finished. Because, as we all know, in order to achieve greatness, you need to be able to communicate.

    “You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

     – Czech proverb"