Katarina D.

Duales Studium Betriebswirtschaftslehre (BWL) Handel im 2. Ausbildungsjahr

New Department – New Experiences

Hello Y’All, reading my last blog you could see what the university days brought and you could get first impressions of the theoretical phase during dual Studies.

  • I was excited to start having new projects and responsibilities after having finished my first semester. With the freshly gathered knowledge I was getting ready for getting some more. Furthermore I managed to get into the department that I wanted to: Category Management Fischer-die Fahrradmarke.

    My desire for this particular part of the wide spectrum of options MTS has to offer was primarily because of my passion for bikes and of my interests developed during my previous studies in Engineering. I wanted to see how it all comes together, how it is decided what motor our bike has or just to see how the software of our display functions. Seeing how I liked the subject Supply Chain Management and knowing that a lot of this subject has a place in this department, I was really curious to see how much I remembered and how much new stuff I am going to learn.

    During the first few weeks I was both in Marketing and Category Management. The two are next door to each other and also have a few common points in the job area. The coworkers were welcoming and friendly. And so it starts.

    The plan was that I spend the mornings in Category Management and afternoons in Marketing. You may already be thinking how it is a lot of adapting and working but also rewarding in sense of what you get to see. Well, seeing how this practical period is a bit short, I couldn’t get to have my own projects and really get a sense of what the usual business are in the department. Having to switch every few hours I was limited to small administrative jobs. But, you see, every job has its highs and lows and you have to learn how to battle with a lot of heavy stuff that falls on you. You will just have to do some things that are not that fun and that are under your level of expertise. On the upside, I could build my character and my way of dealing with tough times in life.

    After a month of having to switch every few hours, I could spend the last two weeks working almost all the time in Category Management.

    I did my job and was aware of the fact, that I indeed learnt something new. I could see other sides of me and work on my weak spots. I could develop as a person.

    After 6 weeks in the firm, it was time to go to the University again. Semester Number 2 was knocking on my door.

    I am curious as to what is behind.

    You too?