Katarina D.

Duales Studium Betriebswirtschaftslehre (BWL) Handel im 2. Ausbildungsjahr

First Impressions

Ho ho ho dear all,
Last time you had a little peak in my past. You got to see my big moments and my journey to the promised land. Now you get to meet me at my daily job, my struggles with the printer and energy-lows…Just kidding. It’s gonna rock.
  • After I got to Germany, I tried to find my own student way. Engineering brought a lot of challenges and made sure my love to Mathematics grows stronger. But in the end, after a hard day at the University, I was not happy with my life. I wanted something more. I knew, right away, that my future is not gonna be in that field. So, I managed to get myself into a lot of extra classes that dealt with subjects that presented more of an interest to me, dealing with psychology, politics, economy… I got myself a job at the university where I am studying now and was thinking more and more about changing something.

    The final decision to turn a new leaf and do something else after a year and a half took a long time. I sat down, researched and got myself a bunch of infos. I applied and I waited. The first interview was with my own firm now. After that I had some more invitations from others, but my heart was set. I chose MTS Group.
    So, since August now, I am sitting here in the Human Resources Department. Every day is offering new chances to explore and learn. I get first-hand experience at what makes a boss take one candidate and not the other. I am in charge of recruiting potential students and trainees.

    Let me paint you a world picture from last week:
    I had a plan. I had a vision. I knew exactly how I wanted it and what I had to do to get it. I knew how to organize the Test Day for the potential students. But the most important, I had the full support of my department.

    First I made a team. Then we sat together and decided what we need to do to make it perfect. We invited the pupils that applied, we made sure the room was fully equipped, we made the tests and took care of the food… And then the Monday morning finally arrived. Every single one who we invited was there. We laughed, made jokes and were friendly. At the end, I held something like an assessment center there. Seeing how I am very much interested in psychology and the way people tick, it was amazing to make all different kinds of scenarios and roll plays.

    But the best part was getting to hear the people’s comments at the end. They were impressed and very interested in staying with the firm. The goal was achieved.
    I had some kind of Epiphany. I saw how much fun and pleasure I took from that one day. I love doing my job! I love making these events happen, analyzing people and making sure everything goes according to plan or improvising when something unexpected happens… But that is a tomorrow’s topic.

    "Write to you soon," Yoda